My Bucketlist

The things I’d like to do before I die…..

1.I would like to visit Germany because thats where my Dads family came from.

2.I would also want to go to Italy, thats where my Moms family came from.

3.I want to go skydiving because it looks very fun.




4. I want to get a M1 Abrams and use it as my car!!!!:)


5. I want to vist Korea, the home of my martial art… HAPKIDO!

6. I want to be in the US Army because most of my family has served.

7.   After I go  into the milatary, I want to be an engineer.

8.  I want to go deep sea diving…or swim with sharks!!!!!!!

9. I’ll build my own Airsofting park because my friend Noah and I love airsofting.

10. Last I want to ride the biggest, meanest bull there is!:)



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