School Improvement Committee


The things I would improve at my school would be the salad bar defiantly,  something else I would do is I’d put in a pond, then I would put in a fitness course for gym class for the fitness test. In the winter it would freeze so in gym we could play real hockey, in the spring we could learn fly fishing and we could use it for eco systems. The reason I want to have hockey as a gym sport is because its my favorite sport. Its better than playing floor hockey. Also that way in science we can have natural living things. It would be nice to not to have to pay a fee to learn how to fly fish.

I would fix the salad bar so that you could get as much salad and toppings as you want. Because most kids don’t get enough to satisfy their tummies up. Alot of kids can’t get extras so they end up going hungry for the rest of the day.             And I don’t like listening to them complain.

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